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Aug 14, 2003

well lets see.. i did.. nothin'.. like seriously nothin'... all i did was watch anime and do the dishes.. and eat.. and yeah... thats about it.. i feel fat.. i should go work out. i feel like i have no will to go do anythin'. like the life has been sucked out of me.. maybe this is what it'd feel like if i lived in the world of harry potter.. and been "kissed" by a demeantor. puahahahaha. blah. i wanna know who is gonna play cho chang for the next harry potter movie.. gosh.. better be a pretty gurl.. ASIAN REPRESENTATION MAN~ ahahahahha. j/k j/k.

bahh. my mom comes home today and wants me to make a sign for her shop tomorrow.. and like my step dad was all like "this sign is goin' to help the shop, which will help pay for the new house we're buyin'." i was like "wth?! i'm not even living there.. why should i care for a house that i'm not living in?!" bahhh.. stupid people. i hate stupid people. even though thats the meanest thing to say. but i'm sorry. bahhh. i'm upset. bah.

man.. i really want to do ib.. like just thinkin' about the classes.. like i really want to take those classes.. like havin' english with bullock. math with.. the math teachers. and i was really looking forward to that extended essay and esp. tok.. oh gosh.. BAHH~ fwpa.. screwed me over. bah. oh well. gotta live with my mistakes.

i think i should look at pictures.. always calms me down.. heheh.

Posted at 10:16 pm by kwakmiester
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my dream again.

i had a weird dream last night.. well two weird dreams..

the first one i was in tennessee and like i guess i did somethin' so when i came back to washington i was being chased by the police and stuff.. and like my faithful companions on this runaway thing were sharon, chris, ed, and jhunar.. we ended up takin' those biiig delivery truck things and were dodgin' bullets from police behind us and yeah.. it was really weird.. i think we had more people too except they sat in the back of the truck. hahahaha.

my 2nd dream.. oh gosh.. really weird.. well not really.. but yeah..

well i'm at school in my sr year. and like ms. lee's room turned into some kind of cafe looking thing.. its really niice. it reminds me of the ones you see on those korean soap operas.. but yeah. anyways.. so i'm like eatin' mc donalds with chinbo and sharon at one table and the table right next to us has elaine, patrick, scott, and nate... so we're all just eatin' and chatting. and then all of a sudden tim walks in and sits down with elaine and them of course. so then we all just keep on eatin' and talkin' and stuff.. and like tim was rather frustrated so he's like yelling. well talkin' really loud. and everyone in the room could hear what he's sayin'. so it was somethin' like norris called tim's house and said somethin' but tim doesn't know what. so yeah.. after that story he just leaves. and of course bein' who i am watch him leave. and then elaine and patrick are like "oh gosh.. first he gets dumped and now this.. i bet norris is bluffing.." i was kinda like "waaait a sec.. DUMPED?!?! TIM HAD A GIRLFRIEND?!?!" and scott was like "yeah.. i'm rather surprised too. i didn't think that tim was the dating type of guy." and then nates like "well yeah~ thats why he's had a girlfriend for about a year and a half now.. well he did.. hahaha." and i'm just sittin' here in complete shock. like "wth?! noo.. tim datin'?! thats so odd..." so i run out to go try to find tim.. but no luck. so i just go back to ms. lee's room and theres tim sittin' with this really really pretty gurl sippin' on some tea. she was asian. i don't know what. she had big eyes, really skinny, long straight black hair. she looked freakin' smart like no other. and she was just very lady like.. <by golly> and then i woke up.

bahhh.. what is up with these weird dreams man?!

Posted at 11:41 am by kwakmiester
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Aug 13, 2003
lalala. i miss xanga.

well lets see... i didn't do much today.. i woke up pretty late today.. probably about like 1... and uhm.. well i woke up with this massively huge headache. oh gosh. i thought i was gonna die.. oh well.. but yeah.. just watched tv.. did the dishes.. and yeah.. thats about it.. how boring eh? well i was gonna work on covers for my photo album.. but then i got lazy.. puahaha. oh well.. but yeah..

man.. school is startin' in like a month.. and i still don't know what i'm doin'.. if everythin' goes right i'll be doin' runnin' start... but for some reason i have a feeling i'm gonna be stuck with ib.. nothin' wrong with that.. but i'm kinda determined to do runnin' start now.. i see nothin' wrong with it either. i mean. why waste my time takin' ib when i'm just goin' to go to uw in the end? if i wanted to go to a better school like dartmouth then i'd do ib.. but screw that idea. UW HERE I COME~ blah.

bahhh. i want to go back in time.. i wish i could do life over again. maybe go back as far as.. uhmm... when i was 5.. yeah.. if i could go back that far.. oh gosh.. just to think of what i could have done.. bah. oh well. gotta just keep on goin' right?

well my sister is leavin' this sunday.. gosh.. already.. she'll be off to korea again.. by golly.. oh well.. its not a big deal anymore i don't think.. my sister leaves.. just another day.. i think ever since the first time in my 7th grade year... i haven't cared much.. well not that i don't care.. but it doesn't have an affect. ehh.. w/e.

lets see what else is on my mind.. hmm.. well back on the idea of running start.. i'm kinda glad i'm gonna be doin' it.. get away from some people.. and it'll kind of make me grow up a little.. like all this time i've been in my same little bubble. yeah i'm i guess a little more mature.. but i'm still the same as i was n 5th grade. how sad. by golly. but yeah.. and also.. even though i won't get to see a lot of people.. if we're real/true friends nothing could break our friendship. i think of this as an early start of what would happen when we all graduate and go to college.. yes.. thats it..

Posted at 09:59 pm by kwakmiester
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Aug 12, 2003
my dream last night~

yeah.. i try to keep track of my dreams that i remember.. but yeah.. last night was just odd.. i had multiple dreams but this one stood out the most..

like i guess i was datin' this one guy jessie.. <met him at red robin for kitte's birthday thing> and like we were at nationals and people were like "what about tim?!!?" and i was like "screw tim~ i have him now." and etc. etc. it was just like that.. i'm datin' and holding the hand of someone i don't know at all... gosh it was weird...

i had another dream.. it was about tim.. not surprising. but uhmm.. well maybe not about tim.. but he was in it. hahaha. like we were at nationals and like tim was dating elaine and like tim ended up being this guy that all the gurls wanted.. and he was also part of this elite group called the F4... it was of him, patrick, scott, and nate.. and like all the gurls were in luv with them.. it just kept on going about that.. i dunno.. i think i've been watchin' too much hana yori dango.. -__-; really odd..

Posted at 11:58 pm by kwakmiester
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why hello.

well... since i haven't been able to post on xanga i'm postin' on here for the mean time.. but yeah...


yesterday.. had the math team banquet thing at tony roma's near sc.. oh gosh.. didn't really eat except for this dessert thing.. kinda made me sick though.. but yeah.. so yeah.. went there. talked to people. ate.

woojung... oh gosh.. he was like "eunice. tim's here~" i was like "shut up~ no he isn't~" and woojung was then like "yeah~ he's here he's just talkin' to  ___ "<i don't remember who he said> hahaha. but yeah. and of course.. here comes tim.. oh gosh.. i was in awe. i dunno what it is.. but being able to see him made my heart flutter. yes i know that sounds nerdy. i'm a nerd at heart. so sue me. bah. but yeah..

and of course at the banquet thing i got called stalker again.. . i remember i was like "i'm not a stalker~" and then arian turns around and was like "eunice, even though i don't really know you. i at least know that you're a stalker." i was like "!?!!? ehh?!" oh well..

and norris forgot where tim's sister went to school at and was like "eunice~ where does esther go to school?" i was like "how would i know?!" and norris was like "you stalk him i would expect you to know everythin'..." and he kept on makin' fun of me bein' like "yeah. eunice can name off his stats like no other. saying 'tim lee. 5'11". going to dartmouth. 3.98 gpa. above 1500 sat score..' " and it goes on.. oh gosh.. -___-;

yeah. etc. etc. got to see pictures. blah blah blah. then i was goin' to leave. and then of course.. zach bein' him.. was like "yeah. this is goin' to be the last time you'll ever see him again." and again. bein' a stupid gurl that i am. i start cryin'.. freakin' a. gosh. but yeah.. i stayed for like another 15 minutes hopin' that maybe he'd come out before i left.. but nope.. so then before left i told ariana and jason to tell tim i loved him. puahahaha. not like i'm ever goin' to see the guy again so it doesn't matter right? but richard was like "its gotta be done in person~" i was like "HECK NOOO~ he'd be like 'O.o ... o.O ... O.O ... ok..' and i don't want him to be all like that." hahahaha.

then later i went to ally's house to go watch a movie. i went to ally's house and she came to the door and was like "what the.." 'cause i guess she didn't think i was gonna come.. we watched bringing down the house.. i swear.. my understanding of slang.. is like nonexistent.. and i have no idea how to talk like those people.. i was tryin' to imitate them.. and ally kept on laughin' at me..  -____-; i don't think i'll ever be able to talk like that... i don't even understand what they're sayin'. how am i supposed to talk like them?! by golly. oh well...

then i came home and couldn't sleep.. so i organized my pictures in this album thing and tried to think of an idea for the cover.. but yeah...so i went to bed late..


well.. i woke up really really late today.. at like.. 1:30ish.. oh gosh.. but yeah.. so then i just stayed online and watched hana yori dango.. looked at pictures.. did the dishes.. watched more tv.. and thats about it.. i feel like out of it... like i don't want to do anythin'.. maybe this is what happens when people sulk? or whatnot. *sigh* oh well..

my parents are makin' me move to my dad's house... just so i can take the bus to school instead of driving. gosh. i'm still pretty pissed at that.. what is the point of buyin' a new house if i can't even live in it?! what are they gonna freakin' do with a 5748 square foot house with just the two of them?! gosh. makes me mad.. they were like "yeah. its not like you're living there you can still come home like durin' weekends and whenever you feel like." gosh. i don't want to move there. bah. i'm soo annoyed. gosh. i'm so flustered and upset. bahhh.

lalala. i feel like crap. i think a lot of people are goin' through some bad times. i kinda wish i could do more to help them.. like i know i can handle the crap i'm goin' through.. but other people.. makes me sad that they have to go through soo much crap.. nobody ever deserves to go through that kinda sh*t.. but yeah.. blah.

well not i'm blabbin'.. but yeah.. summer is almost over. i'm goin' to be doin' runnin' start. start over w/o tim lee here. great isn't it? blah.

Posted at 08:18 pm by kwakmiester
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